A tribute to Lord Horatio Nelson and commemoration of the 214th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar was held in the time-honoured tradition by the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch at their annual Trafalgar Night celebration on the 21st October 2019 at the MASA Hotel in Torrevieja.

The RNA Torrevieja branch members were honoured that WWII veteran Joe Billet joined them and privileged to have a significant contingent of guests, families and friends.

Veterans and current serving personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines with their partners, friends and guests dined and danced to live music by the Campoverde Reef Band, maintained Naval Traditions and socialised on a grand scale during the evening; where there was much merriment, ‘swinging of the lamp’ and ‘black cat stories’; otherwise known as ‘stories and adventures of the sea’ and ‘reminiscing and comparing of who had the most exciting experiences’.

Trafalgar Night and Naval traditions were richly maintained by not only honouring Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson and ‘those that fell with him’ but also by reference and acknowledgement of the Naval Daily Toast’s, particular the Sunday toast of ‘To Absent Friends and Those at Sea!’ and the Wednesday toast of ‘To Ourselves’ (and for those ‘Andrews’ [Royal Naval Personnel] that know the rest) “As no one else is Likely to Concern Themselves with Our Welfare’; but the greatest approval was for the toast ‘Here’s to Tall Ships, Here’s to Small Ships, Here’s to all the Ships at Sea, But the best Ships are Friendships, Here’s to You and Me!’

It was a lively and engaging evening, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and two guests’ comments were:

Ron and Dee

“We had a fantastic evening with excellent food, good dance music and memorable conversation”.

Dave and Anna

“We attended the Trafalgar night held at the Masa hotel. The venue was excellent. The food, dance band and company couldn’t be faulted, a great night”.

Photos of this even and other information can be seen at www.rnatorrevieja.com

This event is just one of the many social events that take place during the year through the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch, who also meet on the first Wednesday of each month as a membership and support forum.

With over 20,000 members across 385 branches in the UK and overseas, we are a family of current and former Naval Service personnel, relatives and supporters of our country’s Royal Navy.

Whether we are catching up with friends at our regular social events; fund-raising; advising on welfare and employment matters, or just providing an arm around the shoulder, our natural willingness to help others stems from the tradition and camaraderie that only Naval Service life can instil. Everything we do is inextricably linked to our core values

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