A dramatic rescue close to Cabo Roig beach on Saturday afternoon after a pensioner fell through a hole in the coastal footpath just above La Caletta beach.

The incident occurred at about 4pm when the lady, said to be Scandinavian, was walking down a closed path with her husband, having first moved the no entry barrier to gain access.

As she walked along the footpath just above the beach, seemingly oblivious to the dangers, she fell dramatically through the hole and into the trees and bramble immediately below. Fortunately the undergrowth stopped her falling further although, having seemingly incurred injuries, she was trapped and unable to move.

Her husband immediately climbed over the barrier and down the slope where he found his wife in a state of shock and in a great deal of pain. He was able to call 112 and alert the emergency services which took approximately 20 minutes to respond.

The incident was attended by 2 fire tenders from Torrevieja and a local SAMU ambulance with paramedics as well as members of the Local Police from Orihuela Costa.

The hole in the footpath has been awaiting repair for 6 weeks.
The hole in the footpath has been awaiting repair for 6 weeks.

It then took the firefighters approximately an hour to stabilise the injured woman and move her down a series of ramps onto the beach where she was attended to by the paramedics. Her husband followed his wife down with only minor assistance from the firefighters.

As they placed the stretcher containing the injured lady onto the sand there was a spontaneous outbreak of applause from a large group of spectators who had been watching the rescue operation from the beach.

The lady was transferred to the Samu ambulance after which she was then moved to Torrevieja hospital for further treatment. It is thought that she sustained only minor injuries.

The injured lady was stretchered off the beach
The injured lady was stretchered off the beach

Witnesses to the incident, who were following along the path behind the couple, saw them move the no entry barrier, replace it and continue along the closed path. One man, who was walking along with a friend, told me “The barrier was there for a reason so we decided to turn back and take an alternative route. I saw the woman and her husband walking along and she just disappeared from view, almost as though she had fallen through a sinkhole. It was quite dramatic. Her husband then climbed over the wooden fence to try to help.”

It is understood that the hole in the walkway first appeared during the heavy Gota Fria rains some weeks ago, but apart from erecting a yellow metal barrier, the authorities have yet to take any remedial action.

Perhaps now the site might attract a visit from the councillor for the coast who has yet to make himself known on the Orihuela Costa, and the finance be found to properly repair the coastal path.