By Andrew Atkinson

SPORTING Saladar goalkeeper Yonai has big ambitions to play football in England: “I hope to get an opportunity in England – a dream I would like to fulfill,” Almoradi based Yonai told me.

“Hopefully one day my dream will  come true to play football outside of Spain,” said Yonai, 24, who plays in the Valencia 2nd Regional G14.

Sporting Saladar keeper Yonai's England dream
Sporting Saladar keeper Yonai’s England dream

“I played in schools of the Sporting Club Saladar for five years, until the category of Benjamín,” said Yonai.

“I then joined Hercules CF, until the category of Cadet, playing in the Spanish Autonomous League for two years,” said Yonai.

“I left Hercules CF and joined Elche CF and played for the club for two years in the Autonomous Spanish League,” said Yonai.

“I then returned to Club Sporting Saladar, playing in the Valencia 1st Regional, where we reached the play play-offs to go up to the Spanish National League,” said Yonai.

“After two years I left Sporting and moved to Formentera CF in the Valencia 2nd Regional – returning once again to Sporting Club Saladar,” said Yonai.

“I feel safe under the sticks – and I know that I can give the size – good reflexes and enough skill,” said 1.68m Yonai.

“I am also good with facing one-on-one – with good handling with the feet – important for a goalkeeper,” said Yonai, who can use either feet, under pressure.



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