Quesada Gym
Quesada Gym

THE Masters of the Spanish Federation, Felix Serrano and Jose Marti Shang and the Master of the South American Federation, Miguel Maya, have arranged an epic Legendary Kickboxing fighters, Spain v Mexico show on October 19, in Mexico City.

Quesada Fitness Gym instructor, Brazilian born Santiago Silva Lopez, 39, is coach to Juan, who will face Mexican Jordan Beltron, in what will be a tough fight.

Santiago, raised in Spain, practised Martial Arts from an early age, initially karate in Madrid, progressing onto Boxing, Kickboxing and Capoeira in his adolescence.

Under Santiago’s tutorship BoxingQuesada and KickboxingQuesada have produced dozens of Junior and Adult Kickboxing Champions, both regionally and nationally under his coaching skills.

In conjunction with the Sports Director Pedro Lopis at Rojales Town Hall, Quesada Fitness Gym has hosted spectacular annual tournaments and events.

Santiago met Vivienne Shepherd at a tiny gym in Quesada in 2012, when she participated in his Boxercise classes.

In 2013 Vivienne was made aware that Santiago may have to leave his job, to find contracted work and provide for his family, which was not offered by the then owners of the old gym.

Vivienne, who had retired and sold her Investment Company in the UK, saw great potential in Santiago, with his passion and dedication.

“The tiny gym was struggling financially, and I offered to step in, primarily to give Santiago the opportunity to develop as a great teacher and Master, while securing an employed contracted permanent position,” said Vivienne.

During the last six years Santiago has continued to upgrade his qualifications to the highest level, with the Boxing and Kickboxing Federations.

“The results that were achieved in Championships, nationally, within a year of the company being formed, enhanced my confidence in his ability,” said Vivienne.

“In 2015 I ventured to buy land and build, not just a boxing gym, but the fitness facility, Quesada Fitness Gym,” said Vivienne.

“A business that would provide jobs and careers, to an area back then of high unemployment, and provide a multi-national community centre, for all ages and abilities,” said Vivienne.

The Spain v Mexico Kickboxing in Mexico City will be televised internationally: “Applause goes to the achievement. We wish them the best of luck in this amazing adventure,” said Vivienne.