If you are one of the many subscribers using IPTV who has recently lost his signal it may well be because you are using an illegal provider.

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Last Thursday crime-fighting agencies Europol and Eurojust targeted operations in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece and Bulgaria as they raided a network of alleged TV Pirates, seizing equipment and shutting down services that were being streamed to tens of millions of people.

According to Italian police, the largest provider in Italy, Xtream Codes, had about 50 million users worldwide.

Since the Xtream Codes IPTV server was seized, Eurojust now has the data of most IPTV providers in the world! They have IP addresses of IPTV servers and the IPTV providers and possibly also names and payment data.

They also have IPTV resellers data, like email addresses and credits, payment info, and IPTV customer data like usernames, passwords, last used IPs and payment info. In other words they can provide all this information to the local authorities of each country who will then decide how to act.

The dawn raids were coordinated by Eurojust which said it had targeted an “international criminal network committing massive fraud” and which was “jeopardising the existence of many legal providers of pay-TV”.

More than 150 PayPal accounts connected to the criminals were also blocked.

However, so lucrative is the business that, according to sources, new systems are already being tried and tested and once their stability is secure I am told they will soon be back on line.