Sometimes it is very easy for us to forget that most of the technological breakthrough we enjoy today came through the observation of raw nature. We all buzz whenever a new invention has been introduced. Simply because these inventions are quite very much impressive.

But the million dollar question is that, unlike mobile sports betting or casino games how genuine and original are other technologies?  Let’s highlight to you some of the inventions that were genuinely inspired by animals. It might sound like a myth but that’s the reality on the ground. And we are sure you are going to be shocked with some of the pieces of technology that you thought were inspired by human minds.

Air Brakes

If you often travel using an airplane, you might have looked out the plane window just before it land. Have you noticed some small slats showing up on the wing? The slats have been designed to prevent the plane from stalling in its bid to slow down.

However, birds have their own version of this mindful version of technology in the shape of adapted feathers. Bird’s feathers are separated into primary and secondary feathers. Some are very important for flying and others for display. However, there are feathers that the bird open up to stabilize to avoid in slow flying or upon landing.


We all need a bit of private even if we are in our own houses. That’s why soundproofing came into play. And if you are enjoying this beautiful invention then give some credit to absorbent materials. However, soundproofing technology idea came about from an owl. It’s actually shocking indeed.  For an owl to prey easily with deadly execution it actually need to be completely silent. This is because they hunt mammals have an incredible sharp sense of hearing.

Well playing online casino games or sports bet comes with a lot things, and we are glad soundproofing is not part it. Imagine playing online slots without any form of sound to keep you intrigued. Boring isn’t it?