Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre was contacted recently by Seprona (the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil) from Elche requesting immediate assistance in the rescue of three little ponies from the Crevillente area.

Seprona had been alerted to three ponies in an appalling state and on inspection decided they could not remain with the owner and seized the three emaciated ponies and without delay contacted Rod Weeding Co-founder EHCRC. As always Rod dropped everything to assist these poor animals and Seprona.

On Rod’s arrival there was quite an altercation between the owner and Seprona but eventually they surrendered the equines.

Crevillente male pony head collar
Crevillente male pony head collar

All three are now safe and have been seen and examined by the EHCRC Vet, Dorothea Dudli von Dewitz. They are incredibly malnourished, painfully thin, parasites inside and out and marks and scars on various parts of their bodies and their hooves need attention.

The little black and white pony is absolutely skeletal, with more severe scars on his back from possibly a badly fitting saddle.

He arrived already with a head collar in situ and on removing it EHCRC found a huge nut and bolt type fixture on the top of the head collar. It has come to light that this type of harness is used on ponies in the live carousels, which believe it or not are still legal in some parts of Spain.

Kids line up as their parents pay for them to ride on these poor trapped ponies as they go round and round and round in the heat of the baking sun as part of the ‘entertainment’ at fiestas and festivals!

Education and changing public opinion for the better on animal welfare is a huge part of what EHCRC try to do on a daily basis. This latest rescue is going to put so much more strain on the Centre financially as it brings the number of equines to over 120!

Rod and Sue Weeding said: ‘How could we say no to helping these innocent creatures? We will continue to do our best but as always we need the help and support of the community to get these ponies back to the best state of health possible.

Crevillente male pony rescued 12 August 2109
Crevillente male pony rescued 12 August 2109

Well done to Seprona for acting so proactively and for deciding to follow up judicially; they have asked for detailed veterinary reports in order to pursue a prosecution. Until people stop treating animals this way, we have to help the Authorities to continue to do their job of seizing these poor suffering animals and getting them out of these hellholes.

Another huge step forward in animal welfare at least here in the southeast of Spain where we are seeing the Authorities take a stand for animal rights more and more. We would be grateful for any donations and thank you all so much’

To donate or for more information check out their website www.easyhorsecare.net