From humble beginnings, WordPress has taken the world by storm, being the most popular, most versatile, easiest and fastest way to create and develop a website, whether you´re a beginner or an expert web developer, it has become the go-to, all-in-one, first choice platform for almost half the websites on the internet.

One of the key bonuses of WordPress is that it´s free. Sure, you can pay for themes, add-ons, and more, but if you´re on a strict budget and want a free website, then WordPress would be as perfect a solution to choosing to pay tens of thousands on your online presence.

According to the latest research, there are 75 million websites using WordPress. That is a lot of money the developers have missed out on, and a lot of money generated for those riding off the back of the success, such as the hosting companies.

Every website needs a host, as well as a domain name, both of which you probably have to pay for, and why wouldn´t companies want paying for space on their servers.

How much does WordPress hosting cost? Well, that is a leading question, because a quick scan around will quickly tell you that it can cost a little, or a lot, or something in between.

Sticking with the ethos of WordPress being a free platform and our desire to save our hard-earned cash to spend of other things, let´s push the boundaries of the question of cost because what we really want is free WordPress hosting.

Can WordPress hosting be free? The simple answer is yes. Free hosting might not give you all of the superpowers of the paid for solutions, but to start you off or maintain a simple website, then free WordPress hosting it is the ideal solution for both individuals and small businesses alike.

We can tell we´ve teased you enough, now you want the details, right? Well, our friends at Hosting Review have done all the hard work for you already, so if you´re ready for the next stage and ready to find out more about free WordPress hosting, let us show you the way.