A 42-year-old National Police officer died after shooting himself with his own gun on Tuesday. The incident occurred in the underground prisons used by the Elche Courthouse to keep alleged criminals while awaiting their court appearance.

According to judicial sources the police officer, who had no history of depression or mental illness, was in an area adjacent to the prisons when he is thought have taken his life with his police weapon at around 10.15 am, during his work shift, and after delivering a prisoner the courthouse.

During the month of August only minimum services are provided at the courts with most courtrooms closed for the holidays so there were only a few people in the building when the incident occurred.

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Dozens of people have since sent their condolences to relatives and friends of the deceased. The Unified Union of the Police also sent their condolences and offers of support to relatives and friends of the agent, highlighting the availability of the specialised psychological services for police so that those needing assistance might benefit and similar situations be avoided.

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident has now been opened