I live in an urbanization on the Orihuela Costa where there is a lot of new apartments are being built.  The rubbish and mess these builders leave when they have finished one area, is just so ugly and makes the whole area look dirty.

This isn’t the only problem, it’s also the litter of plastic bottles, drink cans, paper, plastic bags that are thrown onto the roads, green areas, council land, it’s embarrassing to walk our streets to be faced with all this rubbish.

Don’t we have any pride in keeping our little portion of Spain looking beautiful and most important clean.   I don’t want to hear people saying “Spain is dirty”  You see people pull up next to a rubbish container and leave their rubbish NEXT to the container, when they could have very easily put it in.

Don’t know what the council can do apart from cleaning up the roads and green areas, but I would love a to see an awareness around the Oriheula Costa to keep it clean   A slogan saying “mantener limpid a Oriheula Costa” would be a start.



  1. With the PP in charge, the coast will always be an afterthought! The situation with rubbish everywhere is a disgrace, to go with so many other issues here, like the state of the roads. Vote PP, get nothing!