Growing support for Costa Campoamor

Pandemic leaves 1,000 million euros in sales of homes to foreigners up in the air
Pandemic leaves 1,000 million euros in sales of homes to foreigners up in the air

Since we announced our intention to work for the independence there has been growing support for Costa Campoamor from Orihuela itself. This is due to the perception among the largely foreign population of Costa Campoamor that they are being unfairly treated by the local government.

For example, the Orihuela Costa’s share in the 2010-2014 municipal budget was 6 x less than that for the city itself, or 4,2% of the €295 million  budget, even though the Costa creates around 49% municipal tax income.

The municipality had a total population of 92,000 inhabitants at the beginning of 2013, of which the city of Orihuela only accounted for 33,943 of them. Another major locality within the municipality is the Tourist Centre of Dehesa de Campoamor, known as Orihuela Costa, located on the coast, 35 kms from Orihuela inland.

It had 33,277 inhabitants at the beginning of 2013.

Only 59.6% of the local population are Spanish; the British account for almost 20%, followed by the Irish.  Then other nationalities.

In total there are people from 106 different nationalities currently living in Orihuela.

101 living in Orihuela Costa, including 1 Mongolian and 3 Eskimos.

A very diverse population, where integration of everyone who  chose their dream home to live in  Orihuela Costa is slowly becoming a reality, especially as the building boom has returned to the coastal areas, more northern EU nationals arriving with families who need more services and infrastructure.  They too want Independence for the coast, not be ruled by a Government 34 kms away.

Sunday 28th May 2023 is a date to keep in your diary that is when the next possible municipal elections are held, so we have 4 years to make sure that any resident who wants to contribute to the future of the coast by exercising their right to be on the voting register.

Now we have 4 years of planning, organising events to get our message across and slowly erase the apathy that is here on the coast, what can you do to help, simple speak to your friends, neighbours in the bars, restaurants, hair dressers etc. and communities, now we are not English, Spanish, Belgium etc., we are all one community and that’s Costa Campoamor, councils, political parties even individuals will try to split us by trying to confuse us by disinformation, but that is desperation talking because they will slowly see their hold on the coast being eroded and the thought of losing 49% of their income.

It’s estimated that within 7/8 years, Costa Campoamor by the way means “Fields of Love,” will be twice the size of Orihuela city so all that possible revenue will eventually stay here, it will be our children and grandchildren who will then be able to see the results of what we started.”