• The test went through almost the entire layout of the sporting event that will host the city next Saturday

About 800 people of all ages spent Sunday morning in Torrevieja cycling along the route that will host the first stage of La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2019, next weekend, in the team time trial.

This trial prior to the big event, which spectators can watch next Saturday, departed from the Avenida de la Estación, next to the Salinas de Torrevieja, and finished at the Marina Salinas Marina, where participants congregated in the bars and restaurants as they enjoyed a well-earned drink.

The 13 kilometre route hosted cyclists who were riding an assortment of bikes, mountain, road and adapted bicycles, by locals as aficionados from the Vega Baja region, completed the course in just over an hour.

Among them, the mayor, Eduardo Dolón, and the councillors of Tourism and Sport, Rosario Martínez, and Diana Box, alongside members of the Torrevieja Cycling Club, MTB Cycling Club Torrevieja, MTB Chatarras Torrevieja Sports Club, Robapavos and la de Veteranos de Torrevieja, which also included the nonagenarian José Ramón Iglesias, an Asturian who now lives in Torrevieja.

The cyclists were followed by many supporters, includings el grupo Abatel BLP Moto, Local Police, Civil Protection and the University Hospital of Torrevieja, in addition to other companies that supported the test, offering lunch and drinks, being a part destined to Solidarity Foods of the locality.