• Valencia PO commended by NYPD and Spanish Consulate after fellow American officer attacked in New York

By Andrew Atkinson Leader Exclusive

A Valencia Police Officer has been praised after going to the assistance of a policeman in New York who had been assaulted – and potentially about to have his gun taken by the assailant.

“I saw an incident taking place against a police officer – who was being assaulted – and went to his assistance,” said Valencia police officer Rubén.

Rubén, 36, who has been in the Valencia National Police for 11 years, was on vacation with his girlfriend, when the attack occurred during a Gay Pride Day in Times Square.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) gave Rubén a letter of thanks for his bravery, in helping a fellow American police colleague.

The American police officer was assaulted after approaching a man in Times Square, following his behaviour, who had a dog without a lead that was causing alarm to pedestrians.

Ruben noticed the NYPD officer was involved in an argument – who was then head-butted.

Rubén stepped in, in the wake of further assaults about to take place, preventing additional attacks by the foul and abusive and aggressive assailant.

Ruben jumped on the assailant – pinning him down on the ground – until assistance arrived.

Ruben, based at the Headquarters of Valencia police, was aware that the assailant could attempt to take the NYPD’s gun, having been injured, and also dazed.

Thousands of people were in attendance at The Times Square Gay Pride Day, with those close by witnessing the incident.

Once the NYPD colleagues arrived, Rubén was on hand to explain what had happened.

“I informed the police officer that I was holding the aggressor, ahead of reinforcements being called,” said Ruben, who had placed handcuffs on the aggressor, belonging to the injured officer.

Rubén, who also made a security search and detained the assailant, was applauded by standers-by for his bravery.

Rubén attended a NYPD police station, where he was given an official honour, in thanks for his actions.

Ruben – whose actions took place without being armed – has also received a commendation from the Spanish Consulate.

“I did not think twice – and would do it again,” said Ruben, who was also thanked by colleagues of the assaulted officer.

The NYPD deployed 4,000 officers from various New York stations during the Times Square Gay Pride Day that took place last weekend.