The Ministry of Health is considering passing to the prosecutor the file relating to payments taken by the Orihuela caretaker mayor between 2007 and 2013 despite carrying out no work.

The file, opened by the department of Ana Barceló, concluded in February that the politician had flagrantly failed to fulfil his labour obligations. The internal investigation, which included a statement made by Bascuñana himself, concludes that the politician did not process a single report in 6 years that he worked as an advisor in the department.

But despite the revelations about the work life of Bascuñana, the file on the mayor was closed last February “after finding administrative irregularities.” However, the department now says that the administrative file has been referred to the Directorate General of the Ministry of Health who are considering whether the absence of Bascuñana at his workplace, whilst earning a full time salary could be a criminal offense.

If the officers’ consider that there has been some type of criminal irregularity they will send the file to the Anti-Corruption Public Prosecutor.

According to Spain newspaper, three internal staff reports have concluded that Bascuñana was a ‘zombie’ worker during the period in question. There are no records of holidays or illnesses, and neither is their any evidence that he processed a single file or a report between 2007 and 2013.

Recently, Bascuñana has argued that he worked as an adviser to the territorial authority and that he held numerous positions during the time. In addition, he carried out a work in many different health centres in Orihuela and there should be records