Shakira has appeared in court in order clear up confusion in a tax avoidance case.

According to her PR company, she had appeared in court to “help clarify the facts over her tax situation in Spain.”

They added: “As soon as she [Shakira] learned how much she owed the Spanish tax authorities, and before a complaint was filed, Shakira paid the full amount, as well as providing the tax office with exhaustive information. For this reason, there is currently no debt.”

Shakira, 42, is alleged to have claimed that she was a resident of the Bahamas whilst she actually lived in Catalonia. In 2015, she moved her residency to Spain where she lives with footballer Gerard Piqué and their two sons.

Shakira appeared in court where she told the judges that she was completely up-to-date with her taxes and had given her complete co-operation to the tax authorities in their investigation.

The Spanish Hacienda have argued that she should have declared a change in residency sooner. They claim that she was living in Catalonia from 2012 to 2014 and that she should have paid tax on her world-wide income during those years.