The meeting of Ciudadanos in Alicante this Easter Saturday, ahead of the National and Municipal elections, has not disappointed, with an attendance of about 1,000 people from all over the province, of which more than 100 were from Orihuela.

National Party spokesperson, Inés Arrimadas, was the main guest along with Marta Martín, Marcos de Quinto and Toni Cantó.

Ciudadanos spokesperson Inés Arrimadas at Alicante rally
Ciudadanos spokesperson Inés Arrimadas at Alicante rally

The number 2 on the National list was presented to the Congress, Juan Ignacio López-Bas, currently the deputy mayor of Orihuela, as well as José Aix, mayoral candidate for the next local elections, both from the Ciudadanos party in the province of Alicante .

Water, investments and rejection of the imposition of Valencian in schools were the main points covered at the Ciudadanos meeting at which Inés Arrimadas said that she expects good results in these upcoming general elections to be held on April 28, as well as the European and local elections on May 26.


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