The association Abusos Urbanísticos Andalucía-NO” (AUAN), made up of numerous owners of irregular houses, welcomes the announcement that the Junta de Andalusia proposes to allow houses on “asentamientos urbanisticos”, those awaiting legalisation via the execution of a town plan, to meanwhile have access to water and electricity and be able to register their homes at the Land Registry, by obtaining an AFO certificate.

They consider that this proposed change will offer tranquillity to many thousands of families in Andalusia, who will at last be able to enjoy their homes in humanly acceptable conditions, subject to compliance with certain legal requirements and measures to correct any environmental impact.

The proposed legal change was announced on Wednesday during the appearance of the Minister for Development, Infrastructure and Territorial Planning, Marifrán Carazo, before a plenary session of the Parliament of Andalusia.

According to the president of AUAN, Maura Hillen “The truth is that those affected were a little anxious to see if the PP would maintain commitments made to them, and we praise them for doing so. It can be seen that they are people of their word, as one would expect.

The interventions during the plenary session also made it clear that Ciudadanos is also sticking to its commitments and we are equally grateful to them. We believe that Vox is also disposed to solve the problem. This is like a breath of fresh air for those affected. We hope that the PSOE and Adelante Andalucia will also see the necessity for this change, for social and environmental reasons”.

Maura Hillen added, “There is work to be done, if we are allowed to do so, to help to make this measure as effective as possible and to bring it about as quickly as possible. We offer our collaboration in this, as well as the collaboration of various groups in Andalusia whom we have worked with for a long time.

We hope to meet with the political parties and the Minister shortly. Meanwhile, the statement of the Minister has given us reassurance”.

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