Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, investing in travel insurance is a must. You might not see it as a necessity, but you never know what could happen. Travel plans tend to change, airlines lose luggage, and flights get cancelled due to inclement weather. For incidents like this, travel insurance is a wise investment.

The real question isn’t whether or not you should have a travel insurance policy, but rather which company you should use to provide coverage. There are so many to choose some, and they are definitely not all created equal.

If only choosing a company and a policy was as easy as a job interview. But unfortunately you can’t take applications from potential insurance companies and ask the simple question of why should we hire you.

Instead, you are left to your own devices and required to do some research on insurance providers and policies. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best travel insurance companies in 2019.

Allianz Global Assistance

This is the largest international travel insurance in the world, so you can trust the reputation that Allianz has built over the years. It is owned by Allianz SE, which is the largest diversified insurance company in the world, so this is what makes it possible for Allianz Global Assistance to offer such low rates.

Customers of Allianz appreciate the fast response to claims and the relatively simple process involved in making a claim. Allianz will typically make quick reimbursements and respond right away to customer complaints. The team at this insurance company truly cares about keeping you safe, healthy, and happy.

Travel Guard

The parent company of Travel Guard is AIG, and chances are you’ve heard of them. Similar to the other companies on this list, Travel Guard has a solid reputation for delivering good coverage and responding to claims in a timely manner. The TG representatives are extremely professional and helpful; they will do what they can to help you receive your money back on any valid claim.


Travelex is owned by a large Australian insurance company called Cover-More Group. They are known for providing solid coverage and affordable plans. Reviews on Travelex include comments on the speedy response to claims made by policyholders. With Travelex, chances are you won’t have to wait more than a few weeks to receive your money back in full.

Generali Global Assistance

The parent company of Generali Global Assistance has been in the insurance business since 1963. They have built a strong foundation by gaining the trust of their clients over these past several decades. When they promise you something, the team at Generali delivers. Their 24/7 support team has been found to be extremely helpful and patient.

Amex Assurance

There have been very few complaints about experiences involving Amex Assurance. A major perk of investing in a policy with Amex is that you can basically customize it to your individual travel plans. They offer a variety of protection and insurance policies for all kinds of travellers. No matter if you’re travelling for business, pleasure, or long-term, you’ll find high-quality coverage from Amex.