Imanyo Golf Society started in October 2014 and has now reached the membership of 100 members.

We have raised money for various charities each year and in 2018 we decided to support three charities which our members voted for, they were Caritas Daya Nueva, S.A.T.S. Animal Rescue and A.E.C.C. Cancer Care. The money was raised with various events, raffles, football cards and extremely kind donations and we managed to raise a fantastic €1,200 therefore each charity received €400.  

The picture shows the donations being presented to Daya Nueva’s priest Juan Parroco for Caritas Daya Nueva, Jackie for S.A.T.S and the president of A.E.C.C. the donations were presented by Steve Day, Martin Gadney, and Mick Billins, committee members. The golf society would also like to thank Dons Ralph, our main fund raiser.