Football has changed dramatically in the past decades, especially after the start of Premier League in 1992. Everything from the ticket prices to the quality of hospitality, to the fitness demands from players, have seen an incremental increase.

Thanks to this, the most iconic stadiums in the UK have undergone extensive facelifts to offer unmatched luxury, something that was unimaginable for the average football fan in the 80s and 90s. Beat down stadiums with corrugated roofs have transformed into ultra-luxurious spectator facilities that offer all imaginable modern amenities. The changes haven’t been limited to Britain either, as European teams have revitalised their home grounds in recent decades too.

We bring to you, the list of the five most luxurious football stadiums Europe has to offer:

The Emirates Stadium

For a true Arsenal fan, simply visiting the stadium and witnessing your favorite club in all its glory is enough to make them ecstatic. However, the Emirates Stadium takes this experience a step further with their VIP hospitality packages.

The stadium offers seven different VIP experiences to choose from. Each experience offers something unique. For instance, the Armoury experience grants the guests access to members-only Foundry Restaurant, along with seats near the mid-field area. On the other hand, the Matchball experience gets you champagne reception, a seat at the exclusive Highbury Restaurant, a private pitchside tour, and a photograph with an Arsenal player!


Almost a holy relic among certain football fanatics, Anfield is where dreams come true. Home to the extremely popular Liverpool FC, Anfield offers VIP experiences meant for the true fans of the team. While most offerings consist of the standard buffet meals, strategically placed seats, cash bars, each experience offers a unique window into the rich and eventful history of the club.

For instance, the Eight’s Lounge is dedicated to former Liverpool FC players who sported the number 8 shirt on the field. The lounge is filled with substantial football nostalgia, which contributes to providing the ideal pre-match atmosphere for the fans. Those that find themselves more interested in the ‘present’ of the club, can choose the Centenary Lounge experience. The lounge is frequented by present and retired Liverpool players that love mingling with the VIP guests present in the lounge.

Camp Nou

One of the most iconic venues outside Britain, Camp Nou is the home ground of current La Liga champions, FC Barcelona. Having hosted some of the most iconic matches in the history of football, Camp Nou doesn’t disappoint when it comes to luxury hospitality.

The stadium’s VIP service offers strategically placed vantage points, a dedicated hostess, and a table reserved at a luxurious pitch facing restaurant. This experience can be made even more memorable with one of the several extras available, such as the Catalan Cruise or a helicopter ride over the city.

Bernabeu Stadium

Home to legendary football club Real Madrid, Bernabeu Stadium has played host to four European Cup finals and is one of the only stadiums to host both a FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship final.

The stadium boasts a collection of VIP suites and private boxes loaded with luxurious amenities such as Lower Main Stand seats, dedicated hostesses and much more. What makes the experience at Bernabeu really special is their Museum hospitality area. Accessed only with a VIP pass, the Bernabeu Museum boasts several relics from the rich history of Real Madrid, along with a VIP weatherproof seating area for utmost comfort during the match.


Unforgettable match experiences have come a long way from simple match tickets coupled with a few beers. If you are looking to impress an important client, or looking to simply experience a memorable match day with your loved ones, it doesn’t get better than the VIP experiences offered by corporate hospitality services such as White Label Hospitality.


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