C.L.A.R.O.s 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on 13 November.  It was well attended and at an important moment, 6 months before the next municipal elections, the party was fully united in its political strategy, elected a new Executive Committee and, for the first time, a female President.


The AGM took note of the hard work carried out in the past year and success in publicising the party’s activities in media campaigns in particular in relation to financial autonomy for Orihuela Costa.    

There was disappointment that C.L.A.R.O.s priorities, the completion of the 10 years delayed Emergency Services Centre and a Cultural Centre with Library had not progressed.  The Popular Party and Ciudadanos government continues its policy of neglect and discrimination against residents of Orihuela Costa.   

There was success, however, in our efforts to include Cala Mosca in a new coastal protection law (PATIVEL) which keeps alive the hope of saving this last natural green area of our coast threatened with the construction of 1,500 new dwellings.

The AGM approved unanimously a motion on political strategy which commits the party to continue to campaign actively for the priority needs of the coast, an Emergency Services Centre, a Cultural Centre with auditorium and Library, improved services, in particular street cleaning and properly maintained parks and gardens.   The Save Cala Mosca campaign should remain the centre piece of CLARO’S environment policy.  

Given a changing and uncertain political situation, the AGM agreed a policy of wait and see before taking a decision regarding the Orihuela municipal election in May.  This policy takes account of the launch of an Orihuela Costa citizen’s movement aiming to contest the coming election.   This is potentially an important new factor in Orihuela Costa but at the moment it is not possible to predict its success. 

For the first time, the outgoing Executive Committee was not able to present a consensus list of candidates for election to the new Executive Committee.    Consequently, two competing lists were presented to the AGM.   

The 7 person list headed by Helene Akerman won 70% of the positive votes cast.    

Helene will be C.L.A.R.O’S first female President.    She is Swedish, young, dynamic and multilingual.    The new Committee has four Spanish members, including an international figure who also has Spanish nationality and two British members.   The elected list is as follows:

Helene Akerman – President

David Lorenzo – Secretary General

Bob Houliston

Paul Piccio

Antonio Cerdan

Stanley Colville

Narciso Silva