The San Miguel local police have identified the driver of a car, who fled the scene following an accident which left four people injured.

The car, with an Irish license plate, drove away following the accident on Calle Padre Jesús, adjacent to the municipal park, but was located just a few hours later. The incident occurred during Saturday afternoon.

The Local Police were notified from the 112 emergency centre which reported an accident with injuries but with the vehicle and driver fleeing the scene. The agents assisted the victims, one of whom, a child, had to be transferred by ambulance to the Torrevieja Hospital.

The agents interviewed witnesses to the accident during which they were able to get a description of the fleeing vehicle and of the person presumed responsible.

At around 9:00 pm on the same day, local police officers managed to locate the driver and the vehicle inside a local urbanisation. The car corresponded with the description given by the witnesses, in addition to which there were obvious signs of a frontal impact, which corresponded to the damage caused to the other vehicle involved in the accident.

The agents identified the driver responsible for the accident who has now been charged with a criminal offense.