I suspect like me and many people, we open cupboards, drawers, garages, sheds, underbuilds and the like and our eyes fall upon boxes full of items carefully wrapped and we, sometimes, can’t remember what on earth is inside. 

Previously bought crockery, bedding, towels, kitchenware, lamps, pictures, glassware, kitchen gadgets, small electrical items and ornaments all with the good intention of using these items, but now they just take up space.  We may have been given gifts, which we’ll never use, because they don’t suit our homes or lifestyles but just don’t have the heart to dispose of. 

There is a saying ‘If you don’t use or wear an item in one year, you don’t need it’ so how many of these items do we possess clogging up valuable space?  Now is the time to decide either use it or donate it. 

At Age Concern we welcome all donations of household items, clothing and small electrical items for sale in our charity shops.  The benefits of donating to Age Concern are threefold.  One being that space is being created in your home, secondly your items  could be just ideal for a customer looking for a change of wardrobe, a handy gadget, beautiful ornament or piece of jewellery to add to their collection and thirdly a lot of personal satisfaction gained knowing you could be helping other people. 

All donations are gratefully received at our charity shops in Avenida del Mar, Los Montesinos or Patricio Zammit, 41, Torrevieja or at our Day Centre at Calle Paganini, La Siesta weekdays between 10.00 – 1.30. 

If you are donating a lot of boxes, heavy  bags or small items of furniture we would be delighted to collect from your home.  To arrange your collection please telephone 966 786 887.