This year´s Rose Bowl Medal competition, sponsored by our favourite golf coach Paul Tolley, was hotly contested by Montgo GS on this last Friday of August.  The weather was again perfect, but the course is now looking a little tired following the deprivations of a long, dry summer.  However major repair works begin next week with the implementation of a couple of temporary greens.  No doubt the course will be back on course very soon….dýa see what I did there…eh…

So for those unaffected by the odd bare patch on the greens, net 70 seemed to be the favoured result with the top three players all having the same score.  Our friend countback soon sorted them out much to the dismay of our Captain who was hoping for her first victory of the year.  It was not to be as best back nine went to Gordon Gleeson in first place, second place went to Captain Cooper whilst our third net 70 player was John Day.  As I am writing this though, I feel it was a joint victory for all three!!  Fourth place went to Penny Barden with a net 72.

All the prize winners…except our Captain, took home additional prizes as NTP on the 3rd went to a pleasantly surprised John Day with 7.57m.  NTP on the 16th was claimed by our champ Gordon Gleeson with 2.06m.  The two coveted balls awarded went to Penny Barden and, yep him again…Gordon Gleeson.

A special prize for the ´most travelled´ player was awarded to George Braddick who I´m sure will make the most of his free lesson with Paul Tolley.

Next week, due to the maintenance work, we are having a fun game sponsored by the Society.  The format is yet to be decided.