“There’s always a need for volunteers in animal rescue in Spain.” said Nick Moore, volunteer at ASOKA animal refuge in Orihuela.  “So many animals are mistreated but we remain positive because many good things happen all the time.”

Nick volunteers at ASOKA where many animals arrive in terrible conditions. They have boxes of puppies dumped there along with many abandoned dogs and cats. Recently one dog arrived that had spent its life tied up in a field. Nick added  “One major problem is that most strays are not chipped yet within five minutes we can call and reunite an owner with their chipped animal.”

Nick Moore volunteering at ASOKA Orihuela

Locally rescues are full.  So could you help your local rescue?  Nick explained, “There are some basic ways to help. Make sure your pet is chipped, spayed and can’t escape your property. Many people foster! Being a foster is life-changing for the dog and perhaps for you! The animal is not trapped in a cage so it can relax and be much happier while it waits for adoption. We have foster dogs with travel dates so you wouldn’t be lumbered with an animal. Asoka provides the food, bed and lead. There are no vet bills.”

You could help at your local refuge. Walking the dogs and giving the animals attention. One morning a week would make a world of difference! His final point is the most important. “Please never shop for a new pet, always contact your local rescue!”

Contact Nick and he’ll help you find your local rescue to help at!  You can email him on paneuro99@yahoo.com for any advice about refuges and how to volunteer.