The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, opened a “Basic course of documentary falsification – Actions in respect of foreign vehicles”, on Monday morning which is being taught in the CdT to Commanders and Agents by José Poveda and José del Peral.

In addressing the students the mayor encouraged his officers to “improve their knowledge with professional training. It is always positive to have appropriate training so that you can develop your task with the best possible knowledge, “he said.

Both agent Poveda and Peral have received specific training on the documentation required to be carried by foreign vehicle, saying that they are grateful that they now have the opportunity to train their colleagues.

Dolón said that no “limitation” is being placed on such courses, “you know that we need to introduce all kinds of training for the police and in the other departments. We try to make training a part of your daily life, “he added.

Through this course the officers will receive legal training on general aspects associated with crimes of falsification of documents, information on valid permits in order to drive in Spain, methods of verification of personal and vehicle documentation and actions to take with foreign vehicles.

Poveda is a judicial expert in documents of illicit traffic or of dubious origin, while agent José del Peral is an expert in Criminal Law. Both will teach the protocols of identification and necessary action to be taken on identifying false documents, given that with a minimum knowledge it is possible to intervene or detect stolen vehicles and official, public or private documents that are obviously falsified.

The first phase, with 20 students, will last until Friday. The second course is scheduled to run from June 4 to 8.