Several weeks ago, the dancing Queen of Los Alcazares, SANDRA FROSDICK was upset to see the increase in animals being hurt or abandoned. 

What could she do?… DANCEATHON,,, and what a great idea to get sponsorship, doing what she loves,  dancing, and for up to 6 hours!.

She asked her friends for support, and several others decided to join in, The date was chosen, February 17th 2018, the venue was the New Arches in Los Narejos, the DJ was Paul Allen, collection Angela Brown, poster and printing Paul Eburne, and the other dancers ranging in age from Mia Shaw age, 22 to Dolly Fletcher aged 84!! 

Others taking part were Jackie Mallon, Yvonne Lovering, Roxanne Shaw, Vicki Davies, Lynda O’Reilly, Jane Jose King and Gaynor Shaw ‘going the distance’. To date, they have raised a fantastic 1000euros, and money is still coming in.

Sandra” said it was a brilliant day, and to raise so much money for PAPS and APAH, was astounding.   These poor animals that are hurt or abandoned don’t have a voice, or a choice, so we wanted to do something special to help them and the wonderful volunteers who look after them. 

Recently one animal charity had a vet bill for ONE month, totalling 2.600 euros!! So, we were all delighted to be able to help.

Our thanks go to all the dancers, Lilly Durham, The New Arches, and everyone who came along to dance and to cheer us on”