In this consumer society we live in it’s always nice to make a little extra cash, and this is easily achievable if you have some spare time.

For instance, one popular way to make money is to fill out online surveys. You will find that many research companies are constantly looking to recruit new members to either test new products and report back on them or to simply answer some questions.

Quite often cash is paid in the form of rewards like Amazon vouchers and the more complicated the survey is the more you will be paid for it. Remember to spend any vouchers you earn as there will be an expiry date attached to them.

Interestingly, you can also get paid for searching the web, something we all do a lot of, and this surely has to be one of the simplest methods of making money online without much effort at all. The company that rewards you is call and you will get rewarded for searching in Bingo, Yahoo or Google. All you need to do is install and add-on to your browser and then when you do a search there could be a few sponsored results appearing next to your normal search.

If you are good with words and can type quickly then you might be interested in reviewing websites and getting paid for doing so. Reviews take about twenty minutes or so to complete, so you do need some time to concentrate on each one, and of course you will be researching any website you choose to review before actually writing anything.

Remember to that making money online can also, be fun.  For a little excitement and a whole lot of entertainment you could do far worse than try out an online bingo site or a pay by phone casino.

You might not have considered using such sites in order to make a little more cash but the majority offer great welcome bonuses and promotional offers which means you can play using the sites money to buy into the games you enjoy the most, and of course you are always in with the chance of a win although this is obviously not guaranteed.

Security is also tight with many online casinos now offering their players the opportunity to buy into games when they wish using their phone bills by either deducting the amount from the pay as you go balance or adding the cost of the games onto the monthly contract.

In this way there is no need for anyone to give their personal bank details or credit cards details over to the site at all, something that is increasingly appealing to many smartphone users who are concerned with sharing their personal information.

Whatever your preference is the opportunity to make some extra cash is there just waiting for you to decide which one to choose.