The PSOE have described as ‘shameful’ the decision of San Fulgencio’s embattled mayor, Carlos Ramírez, to suspend the Council Plenary Session that was due for last Wednesday.

The mayor, who has been suspended by the local judiciary, to eight and a half years disqualification from holding public office, for offences including prevarication, was expected to provide the meeting with an explanation about his situation but Ramírez announced on the day preceding the meeting that he cannot hold the session for “personal reasons”. No other explanation was given.

The socialist group described the situation as “shameful” saying that the mayor has only cancelled the Plenary “in a new and ridiculous attempt to retain his position as Mayor”.

“Now that the judge has instructed that he is obliged “to give an account of circumstances surrounding his situation he suspends it,” adding that the court has ordered him to leave office but he inexplicably continues to hang on which is detrimental to the residents and to the municipal government.