Mojácar Local Police have been giving road safety education sessions to children at the Town’s Bartolomé Flores School, advising the youngsters on appropriate, safe and responsible ways to conduct themselves when out of the home in general.

The four groups of 10 to 12 year olds took part in these valuable talks given by the Police, which were delivered in a light-hearted way with fun role play, yet providing some very practical examples to instil good habits and behaviour.

The children came away with a number of valuable tips and advice from Mojácar’s Police, who became teachers for a day, instructing the pupils how to go out and about safely, with an awareness of road safety.

This Project has been has been going on for over six years now and its effectiveness, as well as the children’s response, has identified the need to add additional courses.

For the Local Police’s Road Education Unit, this initiation is of utmost importance adding “our children are small pedestrians, passengers in many different types of transport as well as potential drivers. For this reason, it is essential that they gradually learn about all types of road safety.”