The body of a 39 year old woman, carrying a British passport, was found on Saturday lying dead in a drainage ditch along the San Javier and Torreagüera road. The police are linking her death to the owner of a burnt-out car found a kilometre from the body who has since been arrested.

Sources suggest that the arrested car owner refused to give a statement to local police after being arrested, and has since been released pending an ongoing investigation, however Spanish Civil Guard officers have so far refused to make an official comment.

One of the lines of enquiry is that the woman was the subject of a hit and run with the woman either knocked over a fence and into the ditch by the force of the car’s impact — or she was physically lifted into the ditch by a hit-and-run driver.

Agents have carefully inspected the scene of the incident, at kilometre 2 of the San Javier-Torreagüera road, and they are said to have found braking marks that could point to an accident.

A spokesman for the emergency services said: “Two ambulances were sent to the scene along with local police and Civil Guard officers at 00.40hrs on Sunday morning. Firefighters were also informed.