Having not seen his 65 year old Swedish neighbour for more than three days a Torrevieja resident notified the Guardia Civil, last weekend, of his concern.

He said he was suspicious that the man, who lives alone and permanently in Torrevieja, may have suffered an accident as music could be heard coming from inside the house and a number of lights could be seen still illuminated. This indicated that the man was still in the house.

The Guardia agents immediately visited the home, checking from the outside. They made several calls to local hospitals to ensure there had been no admission after which they obtained judicial authority to enter the house.

Once authorised the agents gained access where they found the elderly resident lying unconscious and bleeding from his mouth.

Thanks to the observation of the neighbour and the rapid action of the agents, the man was quickly moved to Torrevieja Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

A doctor who dealt with the patient at the admission stage observed that the prompt action of those involved had undoubtedly saved the pensioner’s life.