How does a seed germinate? How does traditional irrigation work? These are some of the mysteries that surround us in a region such as Vega Baja, where agriculture has prospered for more than ten centuries with an undeniable heritage value.

Last week, the Councilor for Tourism, Sofía Álvarez, announced that the Provincial Council of Alicante has allocated 150,000 euros within the Sustainable Development Plan for the creation of a Interpretation Centre of the Huerta de la Vega Baja that will be located in a plot located on the Camino de En medio, a few kilometres from the city centre.

Agricultural Visitor Centre for Orihuela
Agricultural Visitor Centre for Orihuela

The centre will see the establishment of a museum and a visitable garden that it hopes will attract thousands of tourists to the municipality each year.

It is hoped that the new visitor centre will open its doors by the end of the year, with workshops and an experimental garden and will help to raise awareness about nature and our rural environment.

Land for the project was gifted to the city by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS). The project will include the creation of a site museum, an exhibition room, a vistable garden of 4,300 square metres, an experimental garden as well as a tourist information point and a car park.