Dear Mr Bascuñana:

We have received countless letters from children who live on the Orihuela Costa, from where they send us their requests and wishes, which we are delighted to support.

The children believe that we can solve all the problems of the world, but you already know that, because of the number of requests that we have, this will be completely impossible.

But as we cannot fail our children we thought that by giving you three of their main requests that you, as mayor, could make many of their wishes and their requests come true.

FIRST. A box full of understanding and solidarity, so that you can put yourself in the place of the children who go to their schools every day along an impassable road, one that is full of potholes, with the consequent dangers for them as cars swerve to avoid them by veering from side to side.

Neither do they have a cultural centre with a library in which they can study, go to the theatre, dance, parties, workshops, music and other cultural activities; they tell us that, while it is being built, you could authorise the old reading point, to introduce a programme that will help to meet their needs.

SECOND. A box full of wisdom so that, if you cannot resolve everything in one go, you can prioritise the most important requests that you have from us, such as playgrounds that do not frighten our parents every time that we use them, due to their poor condition; and a large park, where children from the coast can get together, get to enjoy each other’s company and practice sports together. And finally:

THIRD. A box full of hope and determination so that you are not satisfied until you make the dreams of the children in your municipality come true, and until you can realise those of their parents, who they say are sometimes worried about the amount of waste and pruning that there is lying about in the streets; and because when they finish secondary school, the children cannot continue locally with their studies so they have to move away.

We hope, Mr. Orihuela Mayor that, with these three gifts you will be able to realise the dreams of all the children of the Orihuela Costa.