As Secretary of the Asociacion Vecinal MUNA  in San Fulgencio, I feel its right that the residents show their displeasure at the way that Spanish Law is being shown as ineffective and a joke. This along with the government departments that deal with local councils. 

Carlos Ramirez is the Mayor of San Fulgencio along with council members of the PP. The Mayor was convicted in COURT of prevarication in relation to misuse of public funds of 195.000 euros. He was sentenced to 8 and a half years disqualification from public office. He resigned from the PP party, but with his arrogance remains as Mayor of San Fulgencio.

5 council members have been expelled from the PP party but continue to endorse the convicted Mayor. As a result of this the Mayor has presented them with a pay rise. The UPyD party Mayor Joel Noches Lopez, also supports the convicted Mayor and has been on the council payroll and is now seeing his salary double as he continues to support the convicted Mayor.

Whilst the Mayor has been convicted, he and the 5 unattached members along with the UPyD Mayor, are understood to have endorsed a 16-million-euro contract for waste and street cleaning over 22 years, which works out at 17,000+ euro per week, although the contract is still to be formally awarded.

The Mayor Carolos Ramirez still claims he is not guilty and is staying where he is until his appeal is heard.

What will he do if he loses his appeal?.

The Spanish court has found him guilty and he should leave office.

The residents no longer have any confidence, faith or respect, for this man who has no morals and integrity in what he is doing!

How can the residents trust a man with their monies who has already been convicted over misuse of Public funds?

George Scammell

Secretary – Asociacion Vecinal MUNA