Nursing is a popular career for women, and not just because of tradition. The career has a number of advantages that almost no other career can offer. Here are 3 reasons nursing is a great career choice for moms. We’ll explain why these benefits are ideally suited for moms who are working, or want to work, in nursing.

Schedule Flexibility

Since people don’t wait until Monday morning to get sick, demand for medical professionals of all types is 24x7x365. Meeting demand requires finding people at literally all hours. Nursing is famous for its flexible scheduling. You can choose to work night shifts so that you can be at home during the day, though you’ll want to sleep while the kids are at school. Or choose a different shift that compliments your spouse’s work schedule so that you can do split shift parenting. Another option is working several days on and several days off. Another option is taking short-term and long-term nursing assignments for several months at a time so you can take the summer off to be with your children.

Part-Time Options

Not every graduate of an RN to MSN online program can become a school nurse, though with a master’s degree, you’re in the running for this ideal job for moms with kids in school. As an advanced nurse, you will be given preference for part-time jobs. This could be working shifts on only the weekend when you earn far more per hour than working a standard 8-5 day, while you’re home when the kids get back from school Monday through Friday. It could be working part-time shifts in nursing homes, clinics and other facilities. Or you could work in the evenings from home as a nurse advisor, paid by health insurers to offer advice so someone doesn’t needlessly go to the emergency room.

A Free Skills Upgrade

Many employers will pay the tuition costs of an msn online program on the condition that you work for them after graduation. For the employer, this is a win-win, since they lock in a highly trained employee in a competitive workplace. For nurses, it means that you can find employer paid educational benefits almost anywhere.

And nursing is almost unique with how many people take a ladder-rung approach to their education, working while going to school and working for periods between degrees. It is common for nurses to start with an associate’s degree, join a bridge program to move on to a bachelor’s degree while working, work a few years and then earn a master’s degree. When your employer pays for your continuing education and further credentials, you avoid student loan debt while increasing your pay, all while avoiding having to quit work to go back to school.

Nursing offers far more options if you want a flexible schedule, whether selecting the shifts that suit your family best or working for only part of the year. Nursing as a field has a number of part-time job opportunities that pay well, which makes it a perfect job option for busy moms.