The Councillor of Waste collection and Road Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, has announced the new routes and locations of the two mobile Eco parks that have recently become available to the Department of Street Cleaning and RSU

With the two units now operational, the councillor met the press to appeal for co-operation from all residents, especially those on the Orihuela Costa, to ensure that the Eco parks are put to regular and correct usage.

He said that “the last time this initiative was introduced, the municipal service found that, in addition to the waste for which the units were intended, residents also used them to deposit many other forms of unwanted materials that are not allowed and which need to be deposited elsewhere, especially a great deal of building waste.”

One of the Eco parks is now permanently located in the Orihuela Costa town hall car park while the second will vary its location between Orihuela city and the different districts. It’s schedule will be disseminated through an awareness campaign, which will also be issued in English and German.

The Eco parks are provided for the deposit of special household waste that cannot be deposited in conventional containers, due to its contamination. Thus, the different sections of these containers can take domestic oil, fluorescent tubes and energy saving light bulbs, paints and solvents, aerosols, waste electrical and electronic equipment, and printer cartridges. All of the items deposited will then be transferred for later treatment and recycling.


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