New political party expands into Alicante Province

VOX is a right wing political party that is now expanding into the Alicante Province. Although it was formed in Madrid at the end of 2013 by 4 former members of the Partido Popular, it is only now that the party is beginning to establish itself in this part of Spain.

Made up for the most part of middle class professionals, self-employed people, housewives, retirees, entrepreneurs and students, the party says that it feels cheated by many current politicians who are not representing the electorate in the way that they should. 

Vox pledged to be more active in defending Spanish national unity, saying that in their new party program they would restore central power while “respecting Spain’s cultural diversity”.

Vox say that there is  a widespread passivity towards the institutions. New stories of corruption find their way into the news with monotonous regularity. Each one sounds like the one before. They affect not only the main political parties, the government and trade unions but even the royal family, hence they intend to establish a party that truly represents the Spanish people.

On Saturday afternoon in Alicante the party presented the Coordinators of Vox de Alicante and Province in the Restaurant La Cantera.

This presentation was made by the Provincial President Ana María Cerdán who was accompanied by members of the Provincial Executive Committee (CEP), Jesus Esteban Cabañero , Antonio Estañ González and Guillermo Martin Villaseñor.

Because of the party’s recent growth, Elche now also has a Coordinator, Manuel Ibáñez Prado, who was appointed in April and who is now supported by Amparo Cerda Sarrenes.

In Crevillente the coordinator is Carmen Mendiola Ibarra, while Elda and surrounds welcome Francisco Rosique Amat. In Javea, the Marina Alta area and Denia the coordinator is Marcos Sanz Miralles.

Directors were also announced for both Orihuela and Torrevieja, Javier Saura Saura, Carolina Vagará García and Juan Carlos Ramos Gomez while in San Vicente del Raspéig Francisco Palencia Soriano was named as the party leader.

These 8 municipalities are expected to expand Vox’s presence in the province of Alicante as the Provincial Executive Committee begins to hold a series of meetings and talks with many of the municipalities.

The Deputy Secretary for Recruitment, Juan Francisco García Molto, who was also presented at the assembly, said that he is about to begin working on the creation of work and action groups in the region.

With the arrival of Vox the political battle for Spain’s centre-right voters has now become tougher – and more crowded – than ever.