Campoverde Church has put up its latest sign in the garden which is right up there in the digital age! If you are on facebook you’ll get it, if you’re not forget it.

When searching for appropriate signs to get the message across to people passing the church it was important to them to take account of modern means of communication. What better way than to relate God’s message to the most popular means of communication….facebook.

Maggie Dew from Campoverde Church said, “For Christians, God’s means of communicating His message to us is through the bible, an ancient facebook, which we like to call God’s ‘Faithbook’. Through His word, His Faithbook, He sends us His friend request.

We hope that by relating God’s word to a way of communicating that everyone understands, people will get that God truly wants us to trust Him in a way we would trust our friends, and more.”  Watch the garden in two week’s time for the latest message from Campoverde Church.

For more information visit Campoverde Church’s facebook page on, or visit God’s personal facebook page, The Bible (you may have one in your house), or e-mail, or contact Father Richard Seabrook on