After a very successful season for CD Montesinos, when the 1st team won promotion to the 1st Regional, and the Youth (Under 19´s) just missed out on promotion, the CD Montesinos Committee have not stopped working in the last few months.

Apart from strengthening the 1st team for the higher level (a list of the new players will follow over the forthcoming weeks), one of the biggest talking points in and around the town was the formation of a reserve side which would incorporate all of last season´s youth players, who are now over-age but perhaps not good enough yet for the higher level.

With this in mind and always knowing the limitations of a small town like Los Montesinos, the Club´s Committee thought long and hard over this item but finally decided to go ahead and register a side which will almost certainly be called CD Montesinos “B” and play in the 2nd Regional Division.

Speaking to Club President Felipe Paredes, he was adamant that youth players would not have to leave the town to play their football, as has happened year upon year in Los Montesinos. “We have a good group of young players who are not yet ready to walk into the 1st team. However, these players will only improve and mature if they are playing regular football. In the past this has meant them leaving the town to play at other clubs. My Committee and I were unhappy with this situation and we feel we have now done the right thing..

It will be a tough first season for both the players and the Club, especially financially for the Club. But I am sure that this is laying the foundations for us to be able to grow and not to have to rely on too many players from outside Los Montesinos”.

Pre-season training starts on the 2nd of August for the 1st team and a few days later for the reserve or “B” side. Training takes place in the evenings at the football ground in Los Montesinos. The Club are looking for more players to join, especially for the newly formed side, so if anybody is interested in playing organised football at a good level, please contact the club via the supporters club