Orihuela Councillor for the Environment, Miguel Angel Fernandez,

Orihuela Councillor for the Environment, Miguel Angel Fernandez, has said that his department is making 25,000 euro available within the municipality, to legally constituted NGO’s, groups and organisations who are carrying out projects which are aimed at supporting the environment.

The subsidy has now been approved by the Local Government Board and will be published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante next week. Applications for funding will then be taken from mid-August or early September.

The grants are directed at non-profit groups or associations, that are legally constituted, based in Orihuela and that have among their statutory objectives, undertakings that are aimed at achieving at least one of the goals listed below:

  • Recovery or generation of spaces of interest for their environmental value.
  • Research and development projects and non-polluting treatment of the palm weevil.
  • Actions to preserve the natural heritage.
  • Raising awareness in the fight against climate change
  • Research and development projects on improving air quality.
  • Research and development projects on the reduction of noise pollution.
  • Environmental volunteer projects.
  • Environmental education programs. Leisure gardens or school gardens.

Fernandez said that the budget allocated for these municipal grants amounts to 25,000 euros and it will be distributed among the different projects submitted that obtain the highest scores, determined by the criteria set by the body established for each function.

The mayor encouraged the associations and groups from the municipality to submit their applications.