The Councillor for Road Cleaning and Urban Solid Waste, Dámaso Aparicio, has presented details of an awareness campaign that will be launched in the coming days, in which he wants to “involve the residents of Orihuela in the care and cleanliness of our streets by the application of correct waste management that respects the current municipal ordinance.

The initiative is to be called “Orihuela is part of you, do not turn your back on it.”  He said that it will consist of the distribution of posters and advertising flyers across the municipality “so that the message reaches as many people as possible”.

The campaign is intended to remind all residents that there are specific times at which waste will be collected, as well as contact telephone numbers in order to advise of bulky items, so that they can be promptly removed.

By applying the rules as they are intended the collection of kerbside waste from our streets can be better managed. Council staff can only be made aware of collections if residents call them on the numbers provided.