The Bigastro town hall has employed fifteen casual workers for the summer months, eleven of which stared work just this week. They will be employed carrying out cleaning and conditioning of different points of the municipality.

Through a program that subsidises work in the countryside the mew employees have been taken on to work in public spaces, urban and rural areas, that need maintenance in order to avoid possible fire, particularly during the upcoming months.

This year the program will be extended to encompass the recreational area of ​​La Pedrera, as well as a number of parks and municipal in local housing estates, such as the Apatel industrial estate. The different tasks also focus on the clearing of rural roads to improve the visibility for drivers.

The subsidy granted by the Ministry of Employment for Bigastro amounts to 45,000 euros to cover 65 working days.

The councillor of Works and Maintenance, José Manuel Maiquez, said that during the first few days of their employment they would be concentrated in the most needy areas and, especially, plots and places that are close to homes where small fires can easily flare up, “adding that the recreational area of ​​La Pedrera will also be cleared,” which is a point that we need to pay special attention to. “