The Terri Hovarth Morris dancers

The Terri Hovarth Morris dancers have just finished for the summer. Their last dance out was a charity event at La Siesta for Help at Home, for their Fiesta Fun day where many people were enthralled with the Dance routines offered by the Morris Dancing.

The Morris team had also danced out recently in Algorfa. This event was a charity lunch organized by Amigos de Algorfa to raise funds for the village school. The amount raised on the day was €413 this was added to a growing fund which so far this year has raised well over €1000.

The Terri Hovarth Morris Dancers Perform at many venue’s, mainly charitable events, or for requested performances and Fiesta’s etc.

The Morris Dancing consists of many kinds of English Traditional dances for any age, from North Western to Molly and many other mixed Dances, and the group is always looking for more dancers, with or without prior experience.

If you would like to find out more about the Morris group, Dancing etc. or inquire for booking performances for your venue.

Please contact:- Sue Walters at:- suzi.inspain@gmail.com