The training day was attended by about 70 agents

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Mariola Rocamora, attended a seminar on Wednesday dealing with the threat of Jihadi Terrorism in the area. The conference was organized by the Orihuela Local Police and held in the municipal library Maria Moliner.

During the day members of the Information Group of the Civil Guard of Alicante, which specialises in Jihadi Terrorism, dealt with two current issues, the origin and evolution of Jihadist Terrorism and the current situation of the threat within Spain.

Rocamora also explained that the purpose of the day was that “the agents acquire knowledge to be enable then to better carry out their work and daily and to be able to prevent possible future threats”.

The training day was attended by about 70 agents of the various security forces and bodies of the Vega Baja, including the National Police, Civil Guard and Local Police in the province of Alicante and in The Region of Murcia.