It was over seven years ago when a VOLUNTEER-run boxing and fitness club was first established in La Zenia where it functioned at a great deal of personal cost by founder and local businessman Lloyd (Sam) Sambor. The club provide essential sporting facilities to the youth of the Orihuela Costa by whom it was very well received. Unfortunately, the economic climate eventually forced its closure.

But now it is back with a vengeance. The club, appropriately named Underworld Amateur Boxing Club, is situated in premises, underneath MAPFRE Insurance. It is run by a few dedicated volunteers who give their time to help the local community. Sam told the Leader “It is a great community asset, one that gives a lot of its members some purpose in life, and one that we will work hard to keep going in the future. We don’t want to see it close again.”

“In the time that the club has been at its present location in La Zenia sponsorship has been very hard to come by and a great majority of the funding has come from my own pocket. Now, however, I am asking the people who use the facility to make a small contribution themselves.”

Sam is a fully qualified ABA coach with many years of experience both as a competitor and as a coach at all levels of the sport. He said “Amateur boxing is one of the most rewarding, challenging and safest sports available to young people today. It isn’t about knocking people out, it’s about using your brain and your skills to outscore them. We show people how to develop a sense of intuition, quick thinking, a relaxed state and self-motivation.”

There are of course many other youngsters who use the centre, and along with the half dozen or so adults who go along purely to use the equipment and keep themselves fit, Underworld also has a gradually increasing range of fitness equipment.

The gym is located just off the N332, behind the Veterinarian practice, in the commercial centre, directly underneath the Mapfre offices. The club is open on Monday and Wednesday evening from 5-8pm but for those early birds who prefer to get in their training session prior to embarking on their daily activities, the centre opens on Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6.30 to 8am.

The gym is aimed at boys, girls and adults from 10 years of age. It costs just 5 euro a session for adults and 3 euros for youths and children to use the equipment for a 90 minute session, which includes personal fitness coaching from Sam, who can be contacted on 627 177 511 or 966 844 453. Sam is also available for ‘one to one’ Personal training.