Colour Soul Readings

Colour Soul Readings using Colour Mirrors bottles are hugely revealing, powerful and rewarding. They enable people to see themselves in full, vibrant colour. Using colour with numerology adds fascinating depth to the readings and really helps people understand who they are and what they are here to do and to learn.

In these colour soul readings I work with your birth date or your name and link this information with the Colour Mirrors bottles to uncover information about:

  • your life purpose and path
  • the outer you – how others see you
  • the inner you – how you see yourself
  • your current life lesson
  • your soul colours and how they can enhance your life
  • how your names reflect you

What is Colour Mirrors?

Colour Mirrors is a powerful colour soul therapy which combines colour psychology and sacred geometry using

dual-coloured oils and spritzer essences which allow people to heal and empower themselves.   

Colour has a vibration and so do we, therefore, colour interacts with our energy helping to bring it into balance. Colour penetrates everything. It brings to light that which lies in the sub conscious and unconscious.

When used as a therapy, colour can go the root of any problems we may have and release us from past negative patterns. Colour helps to analyse and indentify what the pattern is that we are stuck with, bringing it to our conscious mind for transformation and helps us to re-programme a new experience.

What does Colour Mirrors do?

The radiant colours in the oils and spritzers reveal your unique colour blueprint assisting you in the healing and transformation of your mind, body and spirit.

Colour Mirrors is an extraordinary colour system that can help you move through your fears and blocks to open and embrace who you really are.   

What are Colour Mirrors bottles?

The bottles are energy – they are not a product such as you would buy on a shop shelf. They “connect” with our auric field us and teach us what lies hidden and what keeps us in patterns of fear, lack, judgement and self-destruct.

Developed by Melissie Jolley in South Africa the oils and essences are created in a sacred ceremony involving Angelic, Ascended Master, crystal and sound energy. They contain vegetable based colour, native African plants, purified water, avocado oil, flower essences, and essential oils.

We are drawn to connect with colour when we are finally ready to make powerful changes in our lives and discover who we truly are……  

Penny is a qualified Diana Cooper Angel & Spiritual Master Teacher, Usui /Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual counsellor and Colour Mirrors teacher.  If you would like to book a colour soul reading or find out more about Penny’s spiritual work please contact her on tel: 680 25 6266 or email via her website: