For a special introductory price of just €80 an hour, residents of Barcelona can now live out their fantasies with a silicone sex doll. They can choose the height and size of the doll, it’s colour and it’s contours. They can then dress it before choosing to partake in whatever fantasy that they might wish, and all the time the hyper-realistic looking mannequin will retain it’s smile and it’s serenity.

The brothel, named Lumidoll, slang for prostitute, is the very first brothel of it’s kind and it opened in Spain’s second city last Friday.

The dolls are made with state-of-the-art polymers and are designed to look as close to the ‘real thing’ as is possible. They are completely disinfected before and after every service “with special antibacterial soap,” so the brothel owners say that there is absolutely no chance of any contagion. A spokesperson for the brothel, said that “the sex dolls are not going to replace us; they fulfill their role as a fantasy but they are not a threat to our profession.”

For the time being Lumidoll has just four Sex Dolls available whose “unlimited” services are paid for by the hour. One hour with a doll is €120, although there is a special introductory offer of €80 for the coming weeks. Ninety minutes with a doll will cost €150 (or €100 while the special offer lasts) and two hours are €170 (or €120 at the reduced rate).