The long course, dry with very tightly cut and somewhat bare fairways and greens a million miles away from the slickness of those at Lo Romero last week, found many out. Gold category players with their generally longer hitting and more consistent play faired best, all five category winners beating those taking the prizes in the other categories, with the exception of Bronze’s Chris Hamblett who, along with John Osborne and best of the day Robin Eastman, was one of only three to break par.

The day’s medal results, by category and in reverse order, were the following:

Bronze Category: 5th Ralph Tilbrook (84 on CB), 4th Carmel McCann (82), 3rd Marg Birtwistle (78 on CB), 2nd Norman McBride (78 on CB), and 1st Chris Hamblett with 71.

Silver Category: 5th Roger Webb (82), 4th Scotty Philips (80), 3rd Phil de Lacy (79 on CB), 2nd Ivor Turkington (79 on CB) and 1st, for the second week in a row in his category, Brian Mulligan with 77.

Gold Category: 5th John Aitchison (75), 4th Humphrey Kelleher (74), 3rd Tony Sims (72), 2nd John Osborne (71), and 1st, with the day’s best return, Robin Eastman with 70.

The Abacus was won, due to the early departure of the true winner, by Keith Wickham.

Nearest the pins on the par 3’s (open to all) went to Robin Eastman (5 and 12), Andy Shaw (8) and Keith Wickham (15).

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