The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, spoke by phone on Tuesday evening with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The two leaders spoke about issues of mutual interest, such as security, the economy and bilateral relations. The call is framed within the contacts being made by the President of the United States with the main leaders of allied countries, which includes Spain.

The President of the Government expressed his interest in maintaining a good relationship with the new United States Administration. In turn, President Trump enquired after the situation of the Spanish economy. President of the Government Rajoy stated that Spain, with a stable government and an economy enjoying growth in excess of 3%, is in the best possible condition for being a good partner for the United States in Europe, in Latin America and also in North Africa and the Middle East.

The two leaders discussed the situation opening up in Europe as a result of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. President Trump enquired after the future of the EU and President of the Government Rajoy conveyed his conviction that the integration process will be stepped up in the coming months and that our country will work towards that goal.

Mariano Rajoy and Donald Trump spoke about the upcoming meeting of NATO leaders in May, which they will both take part in. As well as their participation in NATO, Spain and the United States also have a strong bilateral relationship on defence matters, with the Spanish bases of Rota and Morón being used on a joint basis. Accordingly, defence and security was one of the issues addressed by the two leaders.

In relation to the fight against DAESH, cooperation between the two countries is very extensive and Spanish servicemen are in Iraq training the Iraqi Army to fight more effectively against DAESH. Spain and the United States also maintain a very close collaboration on intelligence and between their law enforcement agencies.

The two leaders observed that, at an economic level, the two countries maintain balanced and mutually beneficial trade and investment relations. This was another issue that they addressed during their talk, at which the President of the Spanish Government pointed out that, over recent years, investment by Spanish companies has grown in the United States to a global stock of 62 billion dollars, which has led to the creation of 80,000 direct jobs.

During their conversation, which lasted about 15 minutes, President Trump conveyed to the President of the Government of Spain the affection and solidarity of the American people towards the Spanish people


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